I have an experience in B2B and B2C business development related to financial and internet of things (smart grid and connected home) products and services. I have an experience in business & product development, team & project management as well as finance.
I am devoted to and excel in three areas—each area strengthening the others: innovative business strategic marketing; IT based solutions for products and services, and corporate governance and finance. Let me expand a bit on each:

Business models are constantly changing, synergies, bundles and flexibility enabled by innovation, increased presence of IT infrastructure and new consumers. I am interested in finding new business models that are based on benefits of having IT driven products and services like Lattelecom Telemetry product that enabled B2B communication between utility meter and utility provider what was the base for the complete utility business model change.

New dimension for existing businesses has appeared. Change for existing business models is demanded to increasing market and to appeal to new customer. Ways how consumers consume has changed dramatically. These are the reasons why knowledge in IT and other enablers that allow increasing horizons is important today.

Good corporate governance and financial fitness is like a glue that enables business sustainability, strategy and planning as bases for any business or risk taking. I have experience of leading teams of 5 to 40 people and budgets of more than million euros. I have been involved in business development for more than 8 years. I have started up business, units and separate services for leading IT & T and finance management companies.

My professional growths have been stipulated by my education – Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Master of Law degree from University of Latvia.



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