Where motivation does come from?

Motivation is a key driver why people are getting up in the morning and why they want or do not want to ‘show up in the office’. Motives and motivation are different. People are different in general. From academic perspective, there are several books written on the subject but what works in practice?

I am lucky enough that I was introduced to why, how and what concept early in my life by one of the greatest leaders that I have met – Klaus-Anders Nysteen. Since then, I have been working on my understanding in motivation area and have applied concepts in the real-life situations, have read lectures on the subject to others and lead people to meaningfull life.

By applying the concept, I have realized that granting people authority, allowing people to become and to be competent in what they do, as well as granting ability to relate themselves to others is a key on creating motivation. Relatedness helps building strong teams. Experience has been always important, but I have found that experience helps onboarding employees, gives ability to be more flexible, to achieve results faster however experienced employee without ability to become competent and not given authority in what he / she does equals to zero results and low motivation.

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