Dogs will have new beds thanks to donations of studens

Students of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga – leading business school in the Baltic/Nordic region, has donated income from a project developed during studies to animal shelter “Labās mājas”. Project aim was to develop a new brand – Ko?Nu, and to sell it to a specified product target group. Money donated will be used to buy new beds for dogs.

SSE Riga Students
SSE Riga Students

“We are really colourful personalities that have come to gather in a group – lawyers, CFOs, IT specialists, carpenters and analysts. We, Baiba Krieviņa-Sutora, Ilva Sproģe, Zane Segruma, Dainis Bonda, Gints Bukovskis, Ivars Ozoliņš and Kristaps Tomsons decided that all income received will be donated to help those that are less protected and our decision was to help human best friends in need who have become homeless and to their alternative home – pet shelter “Labās mājas”. Total amount donated, including also private donation, is 175 LVL. We are truly glad that our support will help pet shelter to buy equipment that they really need,” as commented by Kristaps Tomsons, one of the group members.

“We are happy that SSE Riga encourages students to think in a socially responsible way and how to help those who are most vulnerable,” says Astrīda Kārkliņa, creator and head of newest and most contemporary dog shelter in Baltics “Labās mājas”. “Our new shelter is built and run daily only by donations of people, groups of people and companies who cares about animals. During 13 years since our establishment we, Animal protection group of Jugla, with a help of society have managed to rescue thousands of animals. Money donated to “Labās mājas” by SSE Riga students will be spent to buy new beds for dogs, which are really necessary as colder weather approaches. Blankets or mattresses laid on a floor tend to slip and become wet quickly. There are animals that tear these mattresses and then they have to sleep on a cold floor what can cause serious health issues especially to dogs. That is why plastic dog beds are much better as we only have to change blankets to new ones each day and worm, dry and comfortable sleeping for dogs is guaranteed. Thanks to this student group for their activity and initiative!”

Donation to the pet shelter was done by students of SSE Riga. The mission of SSE Riga is to provide state-of-the-art education in economics and business that contributes to the economic and social development of the region, in particular the Baltic countries. According to the Financial Times Ranking of Top European Business School in 2011, SSE Riga is the Nr 1. business school in the Baltic/Nordic region.

Baiba, Ilva, Zane, Dainis, Gints, Ivars, Kristaps

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