Do We Change Our Mindsets with Change of Generations?

Since I have started coaching and appearing publicly, I have realized that much too often relation to past experiences is made what makes wrong interpretation of what is standard for many and for the whole wide world. Funny enough, but what is standard for one person, not necessary is for other. The same is with generations and offering fit for the Todays consumer. As books on competitive advantage would say – either you produce few things for wide audiences, or something special with high margins for selected few, still we have to target audience and market.

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First block-chain for taxi services – revolution or evolution?

Few years ago Uber, Taxify and similar ride sharing companies shook taxi industry. Today, A2B, Lithuania based taxi company, claims to revolutionize taxi ride industry by putting operational model (including transactions) on block-chain.

The first decentralized platform for commuting across 46 cities in Europe. A2B provides a solution to connect customers with accredited drivers directly. ICO is planned on March 7th.

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Where motivation does come from?

Motivation is a key driver why people are getting up in the morning and why they want or do not want to ‘show up in the office’. Motives and motivation are different. People are different in general. From academic perspective, there are several books written on the subject but what works in practice?

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Why we should care about cryptocurrencies?

Recently a lot of buzz has been around cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin especially. Do we need to care?

You might know Revolut – bank card and application that claims to provide modern day banking ease to everyday customers as well as offer ‘better’ currency exchange rates while traveling or paying online. They have recently added and do plan to add other services as well and is applying for banking license in Lithuania. (more

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Use of Block-chain for Common Good

Block-chain is the word of the year especially if looking back few months. Bitcoins are appreciated heavily and, in my opinion, value on ‘paper’ is created without having substantial economic value. Having said that, governmental ICOs can actually be used for common good by easing cash flows, spending less and gaining more economic value. If we think for a while, what would it mean to introduce such currency for entire European Union.

Estonia is making first steps in this respect. Here is the article worth reading: We’re planning to launch estcoin — and that’s only the start

Selling learning curve and Today’s challenges

Recently I came across Gartner research on effective sales interactions guide (available here), I decided to write my thoughts on sales and elaborate on the subject that sales, marketing and company strategy is continuously evolving.

There are plenty of articles and for sure we have heard that business is an ongoing process that changes and we have to adjust our practices in order to remain in the business also tomorrow. Or in other words, the one will survive who is changing as said by famous Latvian writer Rainis. However I hear a lot from CEOs of SMEs who are in business of selling that they know their customers, they know what customer wants and that they have their best practices in place. In many cases practices means having not so impressive sales presentation, lousy company web site (that was updated couple years ago) and vague online presence – having Twitter or Facebook account without an administration. In these cases it seems that knowledge of customer is based on the prejudice and own beliefs of the world out there that it is not necessary true.


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